Elders Sharing


Elders Gathering (April 2015)

In April, Elders from Onigaming gathering in Winnipeg to discuss community healing

The Elders shared teachings, and their vision for the community. 

Vision:  the community is coming together and is UNITED;  there is Zhaagitiwin (love);  the community is healthy, happy and well;  having laughter, families are visiting each other; elders are being visited;  there is good communication and people are being accepted, helping each other and caring for each other. 



Sharing the Teachings/Connecting Youth To Elders 

  • Elder/Youth Workshops &Retreats; Include Parents 
  • Teachings in the School K-12 and Daycare 
  • Mentoring students about cultural protocol Example: PowWow 
  • Practicing Ceremonies more Often: explaining to youth the significance of the ceremony 
  • More visibility of CHief and Council to the Youth 
  • Youth and Elders visits to Roundhouse to share the teachings on the drum etc. 
  • Teachings on Sweat Lodge 
  • Bring elders together with youth in a variety of ways - not just for traditional ceremonies - recreation etc. 

Engaging Parents

  • create a safe space; no judgement 
  • provide more family activities 
  • more parenting workshop 
  • teachings around the clan system and how this can support community progress 
  • cultural camps - understanding. listening respect 
  • support parents and educate parents on the responsibilities of raising children 
  • traditional parenting program 

Community Healing 

  • Do not hesitate to see Elders - visit their homes (some are not able to travel); they are always open to talk 
  • Elders could provide support/counselling - not just ceremonies or always ceremonies 
  • Do not be scared 
  • Can provide ceremonies- sweats, pipe, 
  • reduce the gap between elders and youth 
  • Create a better understanding 
  • there was a time when an adult / elders can say anything to anyone and this was acceptable 
  • Teachings - process of learning ; correcting behaviour/mistakes - needs to be done in a positive way 
  • Younger parents need support and teachings - even at their own homes 
  • Language Barrier 
  • Everyone is looking for love  - all ages 
  • there is a loss to the transferring of parent sills due to residential school 
  • How do we move forward after a funeral is at the school 
  • increase awareness and action against drugs and alcohol 
  • More community togetherness and support reconciliation 
  • share and learn more about traditional medicines 
  • Play Traditional Games (moccasin game) 
  • Support opportunities to participate in sport and land based activities, including hunting and fishing. 

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