Mikinaak School



Mikinaak Onigaming School was officially opened in January 1995, teaching kindergarten to grade 12.

The school also has a Post-Secondary Education Program and Alternative Education partnered with Baibombeh School.



Hours of Operation: 8:30am-4:30pm



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Mission Statement

Weweni chi, ozhiitaa'ind Abinoonjii Chiminwaatagitot Chiginandawebimaatizit.

We ensure that our education system prepares our people, especially our children, with a balanced state of mind, body, heart, and spirit to lead healthy, successful and responsible lives.


Steve Grindrod: Principal

Desyrae White: Guidance Counselor/Post-Secondary

Shannon Kelly: Administrative Assistant

Contact Us

ph: (807) 484-2510

fax: (807) 484-2352

Mikinaak Onigaming School
P.O. Box 339
Nestor Falls, ON
P0X 1K0
Time Capsule

Plaque reads: Officially opened by Chief Daniel Joe Kelly and Councillors Anthony Copenace, Delford Bob, Vincent Kelly, Tom Copenace. January 1995.

This school is dedicated to our Elders for their support and sacrifices and to Anthony Copenace and Bob Kelly for their persistence and leadership. 

A time capsule carrying greetings and messages to our future is located in the wall behind this plaque. The time capsule is to be opened during our community's Christmas gathering in December 2020.